2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog

Film Studies

Students may complete a minor in Film Studies.


Homay King, Associate Professor, History of Art


Hoang Tan Nguyen, Assistant Professor

Steering Committee

Timothy Harte, Russian
Homay King, History of Art
Imke Meyer, German
Katherine Rowe, English (on leave semesters I and II)
Lisa Saltzman, History of Art (on leave semesters I and II)
Michael Tratner, English
Sharon R. Ullman, History (on leave semester I)

Film Studies is an interdisciplinary program of inquiry bringing a range of analytical methods to bear upon films, film audiences, and the social and industrial contexts of film and media production, distribution and exhibition. The courses that comprise the minor in film studies reflect the diversity of approaches in the academic study of cinema. The minor is anchored by core courses in formal analysis, history and theory. Elective courses in particular film styles, directors, national cinemas, genres, areas of theory and criticism, and issues in film and media culture add both breadth and depth to this program of study.

Film studies is a Bryn Mawr College minor. Students must take a majority of courses on the Bryn Mawr campus; however, minors are encouraged to consider courses offered in the Tri-College consortium and at the University of Pennsylvania. Students should work with the director of the Film Studies Program to develop a minor workplan when declaring the minor.

Minor Requirements

In consultation with the program director, students design a program of study that includes a range of film genres, styles, national cinemas, eras and disciplinary and methodological approaches. Students are strongly encouraged to take at least one course addressing topics in global or non-western cinema. The minor consists of a total of six courses and must include the following:

  1. One introductory course in the formal analysis of film
  2. One course in film history or an area of film history
  3. One course in film theory or an area of film theory
  4. Three electives.

At least one of the six courses must be at the 300 level. Courses that fall into two or more of the above categories may fulfill the requirement of the student’s choosing, but may not fulfill more than one requirement simultaneously. Students should consult with their advisers to determine which courses, if any, may count simultaneously for multiple credentials. Final approval is at the discretion of the program director.

Film Studies courses currently offered at Bryn Mawr include:

ENGL B205 Introduction to Film
ENGL B299 History of Narrative Cinema
ENGL B334/HART B334 Topics in Film Studies: Transitional Objects: Old and New
ENGL 336 Found Film: Avant-Garde and Experimental Cinema
ENGL 367 Asian American Film, Video and New Media: The Politics of Pleasure
FREN B326 Etudes avancées: Le Film noir
GERM B245 Approaches to German Literature and Culture: Post-War Austria
GERM 321 Advanced Topics in German Cultural Studies: Picturing Gender
HART B299 History of Narrative Cinema
HART B306 Film Theory
HIST B284 The Past Lives Forever
HIST B357 Topics in British Empire: Screening Empire, Projecting Home
RUSS B258 Soviet and Eastern European Cinema of the ’60s