2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog

General Studies

General studies courses focus on areas that are not usually covered in the Bryn Mawr curriculum and provide a supplement to the areas more regularly covered. These courses cut across disciplines and emphasize relationships among them. They are cross-listed and described under the departments that sponsor them.

Many general studies courses are open, without prerequisite, to all students. With the permission of the major department, they may be taken for major credit.

GNST B101 African Civilizations: An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Africana Studies

This required course introduces students to African societies, cultures and political economies with an emphasis on change and response among African people in Africa and outside. (Ngalamulume, Division I) Not offered in 2009-10.

GNST B103 Introduction to Swahili Language and Culture I

(Mshomba, Division I or III)

GNST B105 Introduction to Swahili Language and Culture II

(Mshomba, Division I or III)

GNST B145 Introduction to Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Peoples and Cultures

A broad, interdisciplinary survey of themes uniting and dividing societies from the Iberian Peninsula through the contemporary New World. The class introduces the methods and interests of all departments in the concentration, posing problems of cultural continuity and change, globalization and struggles within dynamic histories, political economies, and creative expressions. (Gallup-Diaz, McDonogh, Division I or III)

GNST B155 Introduction to Islamic Civilization

This course offers a basic introduction to the Islamic world, from Spain to India, in its political, social, religious, and cultural dimensions. We cover the period from the rise of Islam to early modern times (roughly 600 to 1500). Texts in English translation. (Kim, Division III; cross-listed as COML B155)

GNST B213 Introduction to Mathematical Logic

(Weaver, Division II; cross-listed as PHIL B213) Not offered in 2009-10.

GNST B224 Gender and Science

We will question the role of women in the scientific enterprise, the contemporary feminist critique of scientific practice, and what both suggest for science education. Is the face of science changing as more women are becoming professionally involved? Does effective participation in world citizenship require the engagement of all people with scientific inquiry? Might expanding such involvement mean altering the way science is done? What role might classes at women’s colleges play in such transformations? (Dalke, McCormack) Not offered in 2009-10.

GNST B261 Palestine and Israeli Society

(Neuman, Division I; cross-listed as ANTH B261, HEBR B261, and HIST B261) Not offered in 2009-10.

GNST B277 Topics in Islamic Literature: Travel Narrative

(Kim, Division III; cross-listed as COML B277) Not offered in 2009-10.

GNST B290 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality

This course offers a rigorous grounding for students interested in questions of gender and sexuality. Bringing together intellectual resources from multiple disciplines, it also explores what it means to think across and between disciplinary boundaries. Team-taught by Bryn Mawr and Haverford professors from different disciplines, this course is offered yearly on alternate campuses. (Dalke, Lindgren, Division III)

GNST B342 Middle Eastern Diasporas

(Neuman, Division I; cross-listed as ANTH B342 and HEBR B342) Not offered in 2009-10.

GNST B403 Supervised Work


GNST B425 Praxis III—Independent Study