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20109-2011 Undergraduate Catalog

Schedule of Payments

By registering for courses, students accept responsibility for the charges of the entire academic year, regardless of the method of payment. The College bills for each semester separately. The bill for the fall semester is sent in early July and is due August 2. The bill for the spring semester is sent in first week in December and is due January 2.

As a convenience to parents and students, the College currently offers a payment plan administered by an outside organization that enables monthly payment of all or part of annual fees in installments without interest charges. Payments for the plan commence prior to the beginning of the academic year. Information about the payment plan is available from the Controller’s Office.

No student is permitted to attend classes or enter residence until payment of the College charges has been made each semester. No student may register at the beginning of a semester, graduate, receive a transcript or participate in room draw until all accounts are paid, including the activities fee assessed by the student Self Government Association officers. This fee covers class and hall dues and support for student organizations and clubs. All resident students are required to participate in the College meal plan.

A fee of $330 per semester will be charged to all undergraduates who are studying at another institution during the academic year and who will transfer the credits earned to Bryn Mawr College, with the exception of students in the Junior Year Abroad Program.

Students are permitted to reserve a room during the spring semester for the succeeding academic year, prior to payment of room and board fees, if they intend to be in residence during that year. Those students who have reserved a room but decide, after June 15, to withdraw from the College or take a leave of absence are charged a fee of $500. This charge is billed to the student’s account.

All entering students are required to make a deposit of $500. This deposit is applied to the student’s tuition account.