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20109-2011 Undergraduate Catalog

Career Development Office

Students and alumnae/i are invited to make use of the services of the Career Development Office of Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges. These services include career and job-search counseling; group and private sessions on career interest assessment, résumé writing, interviewing and job-hunting techniques; information and referrals for part-time, summer and permanent positions; online information on more than 2,000 internships; a Web-based on- and off-campus recruiting program; and maintaining and furnishing, on request, letters of recommendation.

In addition to interview opportunities on campus, students may interview with employers participating in off-campus recruiting days co-sponsored with a consortium of selective liberal arts colleges. Conducted in December and January, these events are located in Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. “National Virtual Job Fairs” take place in September and March.

During the academic year, the office sponsors career panels and individual speakers featuring alumnae/i to provide students with a broader knowledge of career options. In recent years, these programs have focused on careers in the arts, business and management, communications, education, sustainability, technology, gap year programs, law, mathematics, health, international relations and conflict resolution.

In cooperation with alumnae/i, the office provides students with access to a network of bi-college graduates who make themselves available to students for personal consultation on career-related questions and who, in practical ways, assist students in learning more about career fields of interest. Each year, nearly 200 students interested in exploring specific career fields participate during winter and/or spring break in the Extern Program, shadowing alumnae/i representing a great variety of career fields. Career Development and alumnae/i volunteers also arrange Career Exploration Days in various cities during fall, winter and spring breaks. Small groups of students meet personally with three or four individual alumnae/i in their respective workplaces over the course of one day. Each alumna/us is engaged in work related to a career focus such as careers on Capitol Hill, or at the National Institutes of Health, or careers in public health, the museum world, finance, international relations and other fields of expressed interest to students.

In the spring, not-for-profit public-service career fairs are held in Boston, New York and Philadelphia (on campus), for students and alumnae/i. Cosponsored by a variety of prestigious colleges and universities, these events offer the opportunity to learn about internship and career opportunities in a broad spectrum of not-for-profit and public service organizations.