2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog


Entrance Tests and Interviews

Bryn Mawr is "test flexible." The "test flexible" policy allows Bryn Mawr applicants to select the standardized tests that they believe best represent their academic potential. The standardized testing requirements for students applying to the Undergraduate College under the Regular Decision, Early Decision I, or Early Decision II plans are as follows:

  • The SAT Reasoning Test and a combination of two different SAT Subject Tests or AP tests or
  • The ACT or
  • A combination of three SAT Subject Tests and/or AP tests in the following areas:
    • Science or Math and
    • English, History, Languages, Arts or Social Sciences and
    • Student's Choice: one subject of the student's choice but in a subject different from the other two.

Only one non-English language test result may be submitted.

If your first language is not English you may submit the results of one test in your first language, but only as your "student's choice." One of your remaining test results must be from subject area 1 and the other must be from subject area 2, as listed above.

AP Tests

Math and Sciences

Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Computer Science A
Computer Science AB
Environmental Science
Physics B
Physics C

English, History, and Languages

Art History
Chinese Language and Culture
English Language
English Literature
European History
French Language
French Literature
German Language
Italian Language and Culture
Japanese Language and Culture
Latin Literature
Latin: Vergil
Spanish Language
Spanish Literature
U.S. History
World History


Music Theory
Studio Art

Social Sciences

Comparative Government & Politics
U.S. Government & Politics
Human Geography

SAT Subject Tests

Math and Sciences

Mathematics Level 1
Mathematics Level 2
Biology (ecological)
Biology (molecular)

English, History and Languages

English Literature
World History
U.S. History
Chinese with Listening
French with Listening
German with Listening
Spanish with Listening
Modern Hebrew
Japanese with Listening
Korean with Listening

All tests must be completed by the January test date.

In general, the College recommends, but does not require that one of the Subject or AP tests be taken in a foreign language because a (re-centered) score of 690 or above on the Subject test satisfies part of an A.B. degree requirement). A score of "5" on the AP test also satisfies part of an A.B. requirement (see The Academic Program for details on language exemption).

Candidates are responsible for registering with the College Entrance Examination Board, or ACT, Inc. for the tests. Information about the tests, test centers, fees and dates may be obtained by contacting the following:

The College Board: www.collegeboard.com.
ACT, Inc.: www.actstudent.org


An interview either at the College, with an alumna area representative, or via Skype or telephone is strongly recommended for all candidates. Interviews should be completed by the deadline of the plan under which the candidate is applying. Appointments for interviews and campus tours should be made in advance by writing or telephoning the Office of Admissions at (610) 526-5152. The Office of Admissions is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. From mid-September through January, the office is also open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. A student who is unable to visit the College should consult the following website to learn about Bryn Mawr interview options: http://www.brynmawr.edu/admissions/schedule_an_interview.shtml.