2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog



Focus Courses

Focus Courses are 7-week long, half-semester courses that provide students with an opportunity to sample a wider variety of fields and topics as they explore the curriculum. While some Focus Courses have been designed to whet the appetite for further study, several upper level topics lend themselves to a more in-depth, shorter experience. Focus courses are as rigorous and fast-paced as full semester courses and are used to experiment and engage with more of Bryn Mawr's stellar academic offerings. Here is a sampling of Focus Courses being offered in 2011-12:

ARCH 135 Focus: Archaeological Fieldwork and Methods

A world-renowned archaeologist leads students through the fundamentals of the practice of archaeology through readings and case studies and participatory demonstrations. Each week there will be a two-hour laboratory that introduces students to a variety of fieldwork methods and forms of analysis.

ITAL 223 Focus: Italian Theater

Explore theatrical texts from the contemporary stage to the origins of Italian theater in the 16th century, including pieces by Dario Fo, Luigi Pirandello, Carlo Goldoni, the Commedia dell'arte and Niccolò Machiavelli.

GEOL 130 Focus : Life in Earth's Future Climate

A leading geologist gives an overview of Earth's climate in the 22nd century (year 2100 and beyond) based on the current scientific consensus.

PHYS 132 Focus: The Universe According to Einstein

Discover how time and distance measurements made by different observers are related to their motions. Several "paradoxes" of relativity will be discussed and resolved.