2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog



Physical Education Requirement

Throughout its history, the College has been committed to developing excellence. The Department of Athletics and Physical Education affirms the College's mission by offering a variety of opportunities to promote self-awareness, confidence and the development of skills and habits that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

The College's comprehensive program includes competitive intercollegiate athletics, diverse physical education and wellness curricula, and leisure and recreational programs designed to enhance the quality of life.

All students must complete eight credits in physical education, including a swim-proficiency test and a Wellness Issues class. Students matriculating before August, 2011, must complete these requirements before the start of the senior year. Students matriculating on or after August, 2011, must complete them before the start of fourth quarter physical education classes during the sophomore year.

The Wellness Issues class and swim proficiency are core physical education requirements, and students are expected to complete both during the freshman year. Students may complete the remaining credits in a variety of ways. Semester-long courses (typically worth two credits) and half-semester courses (typically worth one credit) are offered in dance, aquatics, outdoor recreation and fitness. Physical education credit is also awarded for participation on intercollegiate teams and approved clubs. Students may earn up to two credits in physical education for pre-approved independent study.