2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog


The Katharine E. McBride Scholars Program

The Katharine E. McBride Scholars Program serves women beyond the traditional college entry age who wish to earn an undergraduate degree at Bryn Mawr. The program admits women who have demonstrated talent, achievement and intelligence in various areas, including employment, volunteer activities and home or formal study. McBride Scholars are admitted directly as matriculated students.

Once admitted to the College, McBride scholars are subject to the residency rule, which requires that a student take a minimum of 24 course units while enrolled at Bryn Mawr. Exceptions will be made for students who transfer more than eight units from previous work. Such students may transfer up to 16 units and must then take at least 16 units at Bryn Mawr. McBride Scholars may study on a part-time or full-time basis. For more information, visit the McBride Program web page at www.brynmawr.edu/mcbride.

Bryn Mawr College accepts The Common Application with a required institutional supplement for transfer and McBride Applicants. Detailed instructions, as well as The Bryn Mawr Supplement for Transfer and McBride may be downloaded from the Bryn Mawr website. Bryn Mawr exclusively accepts The Common Application and will waive the $50.00 application fee for students who apply using the online option. For more information, please visit www.brynmawr.edu/admissions/apply/mcbrides.html.