2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog



The Major

In order to ensure that a student’s education involves not simply exposure to many disciplines but also some degree of mastery in at least one, she must choose an area to be the focus of her work in the last two years at the College.

The following is a list of major subjects.

Astronomy (Haverford College)
Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology
Classical Culture and Society
Classical Languages
Comparative Literature
Computer Science
East Asian Studies
Fine Arts (Haverford College)
French and Francophone Studies
German and German Studies
Growth and Structure of Cities
History of Art
International Studies
Linguistics (Tri-College Major)
Linguistics and Languages (Tri-College Major)
Music (Haverford College)
Political Science
Religion (Haverford College)
Romance Languages

Each student must declare her major subject before the end of the sophomore year. The declaration process involves consulting with the departmental adviser and completing a major work plan. The student then submits the major work plan to her dean.

No student may choose to major in a subject in which she has incurred a failure, or in which her average is below 2.0.

A student may double major with the consent of both major departments and of her dean, but she should expect to complete all requirements for both major subjects. Even when a double major has been approved, scheduling conflicts may occur which make it impossible for a student to complete the plan.

Students may choose to major in any department at Haverford College, in which case they must meet the major requirements of Haverford College and the degree requirements of Bryn Mawr College. Procedures for selecting a Haverford major are available from the Haverford Dean’s Office at all times and are sent to all sophomores in the early spring.

Please note that Bryn Mawr students who choose to major at Haverford must hand in their major work plans to the Bryn Mawr Dean’s Office. If double-majoring with one department at Haverford and the other at Bryn Mawr, a Bryn Mawr student should fill out the Bryn Mawr double-major work plan and ask the Haverford department if she needs to fill out the Haverford form as well. If she does, the Haverford form still needs to be brought to the Bryn Mawr Dean’s Office.

Every student working for an A.B. degree is expected to maintain grades of 2.0 or higher in all courses in her major subject. A student who receives a grade below 2.0 in a course in her major is reported to the Committee on Academic Standing and may be required to change her major. If, at the end of her junior year, a student has a major-subject grade point average below 2.0, she must change her major. If she has no alternative major, she will be excluded from the College. A student who is excluded from the College is not eligible for readmission.

A student with unusual interest or preparation in several areas can consider an independent major, a double major, a major with a minor, or a major with an interdisciplinary concentration. Such programs can be arranged by consulting the dean and members of the departments concerned.

Each department sets its own standards and criteria for honors in the major, with the approval of the Curriculum Committee. Students should see departments for details.