2014-15 catalog


Credit for Advanced Placement Tests and International Exams

Students who have carried advanced work in school and who have honor grades (5 in Art History, English, Environmental Science, French, Government and Politics, History, Music Theory, Psychology and Spanish; 4 or 5 in most other subjects) on the Advanced Placement Tests of the College Board may, after consultation with the dean and the departments concerned, be admitted to one or more advanced courses in the first year at the College.

With the approval of the dean and the departments concerned, one or more Advanced Placement Tests with honor grades may be presented for credit. Students receiving six or more units of credit may apply for advanced standing. The Advanced Placement Tests are given at College Board centers in May.

Bryn Mawr recognizes the academic rigor of the International Baccalaureate program and awards credit as follows:

  • Students who present the full International Baccalaureate diploma with a total score of 30 or better and honor scores in three higher-level exams normally receive one year’s credit.
  • Those with a score of 35 or better, but with honor scores in fewer than three higher-level exams, receive two units of credit for each honor score in higher-level exams plus two for the exam as a whole.
  • Those with a score of less than 30 receive two units of credit for each honor score in a higher-level exam.

*Honors scores are considered to be 6 or 7 in English, French, History and Spanish; 5, 6 or 7 in other subjects.

Bryn Mawr also recognizes and awards credit for other international exams. Depending upon the quality of the examination results, Bryn Mawr may award credit for Advanced Levels on the General Certificate of Education (GCE), the French Baccalaureate, German Abitur and other similar exams.

Some placement tests are given at the College during Customs Week (Bryn Mawr’s orientation program for new students) and students can consult with their dean about the advisability of taking these placement tests.