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2014-15 catalog

Billing, Payment, and Financial Aid

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services administers the College’s financial aid programs, bills for tuition, room and board, fines and other fees.

Costs of Education

The tuition and fees in 2014-15 for all enrolled undergraduate students, resident and nonresident, is $45,540 a year.

Summary of Fees and Expenses for 2014-15

Tuition: $44,470
Residence (room and board): $14,350
College Fee: $740
Self-Government Association Dues: $330
Non U.S. Citizen & Non-Permanent Resident Health Insurance: $1,622

Continuing enrollment fee (per semester): $370

Faced with rising costs affecting all parts of higher education, the College has had to raise tuition annually in recent years. Further annual increases may be expected.