2014-15 catalog

The Academic Program


3-2 Program in Engineering and Applied Science

The College has negotiated arrangements with the California Institute of Technology whereby a student interested in engineering and recommended by Bryn Mawr may, after completing three years of work at the College, apply to transfer into the third year at Caltech to complete two full years of work there. At the end of five years she is awarded an A.B. degree by Bryn Mawr and a Bachelor of Science degree by Caltech. Programs are available in many areas of specialization.

In her three years at Bryn Mawr, the student must complete a minimum of 24 units, most of the coursework required by her major (normally physics or chemistry), and all other Bryn Mawr graduation requirements. She must also complete all courses prescribed by Caltech. The Admissions Office at Caltech has posted information tailored to prospective 3-2 students on its website.

Students do not register for this program in advance; rather, they complete a course of study that qualifies them for recommendation by the appropriate Caltech 3-2 Plan Liaison Officer at Bryn Mawr College for application in the spring semester of their third year at the College. Approval of the student’s major department is necessary at the time of application and for the transfer of credit from the Caltech program to complete the major requirements at Bryn Mawr.

Students considering this option should consult the program liaison in the Department of Physics or Chemistry at the time of registration for Semester I of their first year and each semester thereafter to ensure that all requirements are being completed on a satisfactory schedule. Financial aid at Caltech is not available to non-U.S. citizens.