2014-15 catalog

The Academic Program


Course Options

Most departments allow students to pursue independent study as supervised work, provided that a professor agrees to supervise the work. Students pursuing independent study usually register for a course in that department numbered 403 and entitled “Supervised Work,” unless the department has another numerical designation for independent study. Students should consult with their deans if there are any questions regarding supervised work.

Students may audit courses with the permission of the instructor, if space is available in the course. There are no extra charges for audited courses, and they are not listed on the transcript. Students may not register to take the course for credit after the stated date for Confirmation of Registration.

Some courses are designated as limited enrollment in the Tri-Co Course Guide. The Tri-Co Course Guide provides details about restrictions. If consent of the instructor is required, the student is responsible for securing permission. If course size is limited, the final course list is determined by lottery. Only those students who have preregistered for a course will be considered for a lottery.

Students who confirm their registration for five courses may drop one course through the third week of the semester. After the third week, students taking five courses are held to the same standards and calendars as students enrolled in four courses.

No student may withdraw from a course after confirmation of registration, unless it is a fifth course dropped as described above. Exceptions to this regulation may be made jointly by the instructor and the appropriate dean only in cases when the student’s ability to complete the course is seriously impaired due to unforeseen circumstances beyond her control. The decision to withdraw from a Bryn Mawr course must take place before the final work for the course is due. If the course is at Haverford College, Haverford’s deadlines apply.