2014-15 catalog

The Academic Program


Credit for Work Done Elsewhere

All requests for transfer credit are approved by the Registrar. The following minimal guidelines are not exhaustive. To ensure that work done elsewhere will be eligible for credit, students must obtain approval for transfer credit before enrolling. These guidelines apply to all of the specific categories of transfer credit listed below.

  • Only liberal arts courses taken at accredited four-year colleges and universities will be considered for transfer.
  • Four semester credits (or six quarter credits) are equivalent to one unit of credit at Bryn Mawr.
  • A minimum grade of 2.0 or C or better is required for transfer. Grades of C minus or “credit” are not acceptable.
  • No on-line, correspondence or distance learning courses, even those sponsored by an accredited four-year institution, are eligible for transfer.
  • The Registrar cannot award credit without the receipt of an official transcript from the outside institution recording the course completed and the final grade.

To count a transferred course towards a College requirement (such as an Approach), a student must obtain prior approval from her dean, the Registrar, and the Special Cases Committee.

Domestic study away: A student who wishes to receive credit for a semester or a year away from Bryn Mawr as a full-time student at another institution in the United States must have the institution and her program approved in advance by her dean, major adviser and other appropriate departments.

Study Abroad: A student who plans to study outside of the United States during the academic year must obtain the approval of the Study Abroad Committee in addition to that of her dean, major adviser and other appropriate departments. Students must enroll in a normal full-time program during their time away.

Summer Work: A student who wishes to receive credit for summer school work must obtain advance approval of her plans from her dean and the Registrar and present to the Registrar an official transcript within one semester of completion of the course. A total of no more than four units earned in summer school may be counted toward the degree; of these, no more than two units may be earned in any one summer.

Work done prior to matriculation: Students may receive up to four units of transfer credit for courses taken at a college prior to graduation from secondary school. The courses must have been taught on the college campus (not in the high school) and have been open to students matriculated at that college. The courses cannot have been counted toward secondary school graduation requirements. These courses may include those taken at a community college. In all other respects, requests for transfer credit for work done prior to secondary school graduation are subject to the same provisions, procedures and limits as all other requests for transfer credit.

Transfer Students: Students who transfer to Bryn Mawr from another institution may transfer a total of eight units. These courses may include those taken at a community college. Exceptions to this rule for second-semester sophomores and for juniors are considered at the time of the student’s transfer application. Credit for work completed before matriculating at Bryn Mawr will be calculated as described above.