2014-15 catalog

The Academic Program


Physical Education Requirement

The Department of Athletics, Physical Education (P.E.), and Recreation (the Department) affirms the College’s long standing commitment towards excellence in all areas of growth and development. The Department’s current programming allows opportunities to promote self-awareness, confidence, skill development, and habits that contribute towards a healthy lifestyle. Specific curricula towards this mission, through Intercollegiate Athletics, Physical Education, Wellness, and Recreation, are designed to educate the current student and enhance the quality of campus life.

First-year students:

Students matriculating on or after August 2011 are required to complete 6 P.E. credits through the Department. Students will complete 3 P.E. credits through what are considered the Core Requirements. Students must complete Freshman Wellness during their first Fall semester at Bryn Mawr. They must also complete the Swim Proficiency Requirement by either passing the swim proficiency test or by completing a swim class at Bryn Mawr College. The remaining 3 P.E. Credits will be completed through the General Requirements, where students have a variety of options for P.E. credit including P.E. Classes, Dance Classes (provided they’re not taken for academic credit), Varsity Athletics (annual max), Club Sport (annual max), Special Topics, and Independent Study (by pre-approval only). Students are expected to complete all aspects of the P.E. requirement before Spring Break of their sophomore year. Failure to meet these expectations will affect a student’s position in the following year room draw, may affect their eligibility for Study Abroad, and will be reported to the Dean’s office.

McBride and Transfer Students:

For the purposes of the P.E. Requirement, McBride students are considered as either Sophomore or Junior transfer students; depending on their academic status. All transfers must demonstrate Swim Proficiency by either completing the Swim Proficiency Test or by completing a Swim Class at Bryn Mawr College. Sophomore transfer students must also complete 3 credits of P.E. from the General Requirements. Junior transfer students must complete 1 credit of P.E. from the General Requirements. For specifics on credit allocation and polices regarding what programs satisfy P.E. requirements, students and advisors are encouraged to reference the Physical Education Website: http://athletics.brynmawr.edu/information/physical_education/requirements#mcbride.