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The Academic Program

The Curriculum

The Bryn Mawr curriculum is designed to encourage breadth of learning and training in the fundamentals of scholarship in the first two years, and mature and sophisticated study in depth in a major program during the last two years. Its overall purpose is to challenge the student and prepare her for the lifelong pleasure and responsibility of educating herself and playing a responsible role in contemporary society. The curriculum encourages independence within a rigorous but flexible framework of divisional and major requirements.

The Bryn Mawr curriculum obtains further breadth through institutional cooperation. Virtually all undergraduate courses and all major programs at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges are open to students from both schools, greatly increasing the range of available subjects. With certain restrictions, Bryn Mawr students may also take courses at Swarthmore College, the University of Pennsylvania and Villanova University during the academic year without payment of additional fees.