2015-16 catalog

The Academic Program


Summer Language Programs

Summer language programs offer students the opportunity to spend short periods of time studying a language, conducting research and getting to know another part of the world well.

Bryn Mawr offers a six-week summer program in Avignon, France. This total-immersion program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students with a serious interest in French language, literature and culture. The faculty of the institut is composed of professors teaching in colleges and universities in the United States and Europe. Classes are held at the Médiathèque Ceccano and other sites in Avignon; the facilities of the Médiathèque Ceccano as well as the Université d’Avignon library are available to the group. Students are encouraged to live with French families or in student residences. A certain number of independent studios are also available.

Applicants for admission must have strong academic records and have completed a course in French at a third-year college level or the equivalent. For detailed information concerning admission, curriculum, fees, academic credit, and scholarships, students should consult Lisa Kolonay (avignon@brynmawr.edu) and/or visit the Avignon website at www.brynmawr.edu/avignon. For detailed information on the courses offered by the Institut, students should contact Prof. Le Menthéour (rlementheo@brynmawr.edu).

The College also participates in summer programs with American Councils Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Program (RLASP) in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other sites in Russia. These overseas programs are based at several leading Russian universities and are open to Bryn Mawr students who have reached the intermediate level of proficiency in speaking and reading. Summer programs are 8 weeks in length and provide the equivalent of 2 course units of work in advanced Russian language and culture. Many Bryn Mawr students also take part in the semester (4 units) or academic year (8 units) programs in Russia as well. For further information about American Councils programs, students should consult the Department of Russian or American Councils at www.americancouncils.org.

Bryn Mawr offers an eight-week intensive summer program in Russian language and culture on campus available through the Russian Language Institute (RLI). The program is open to bi-college students as well as to qualified students from other colleges, universities, and high schools.

The Russian Language Institute offers a highly-focused curriculum (6 hours per day) and co-curricular environment conducive to the rapid development of linguistic and cultural proficiency. Course offerings are designed to accommodate a full range of language learners, from the beginner to the advanced learner (three levels total). This highly-intensive program provides the equivalent of a full academic year of Russian to participants who complete the program. Students may use units completed at RLI to advance to the next level of study at their home institution or to help fulfill the language requirement. Most RLI participants elect to reside on-campus at the Russian-speaking residential hall, as part of the overall RLI learning experience.