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Academic Support Services

Academic support services at Bryn Mawr include the Academic Support and Learning Resources Specialist, the Writing Center, the Q Center (Quantitative Reasoning Project), peer mentoring, peer tutoring and a variety of study-skills support services. The Academic Support and Learning Resources Specialist offers free individual and small group meetings with students to identify and implement techniques for more effective learning, studying, test-taking and time and stress management. The Academic Support and Learning Resources Specialist also offers workshops and class presentations. The Writing Center offers free, individual consultations with peer writing tutors to review, strategize and revise writing assignments and projects. The Writing Center also offers occasional workshops open to the campus. The Public Speaking Initiative (PSI) offers consultations for public speaking. The Q Center supports student work on quantitative problems in introductory courses across social science and science disciplines. The Q Center is staffed by peer mentors who are trained to help students with quantitative reasoning, problem solving strategies, and alleviating math anxiety. Peer mentoring and peer tutoring are available without cost to students. More information about academic support services can be found on the Deans’ Office website at: