2016-17 catalog


Bryn Mawr College seeks candidates of character and ability who want an education in the liberal arts and sciences and are prepared for college work. The College has found highly successful candidates among students of varied interests and talents from a wide range of schools and regions in the United States and abroad. In its consideration of candidates, the College conducts a holistic review in determining a student’s ability and readiness for college through the student’s high-school record in context of the rigor of her program of study, her rank in class (if available), standardized tests (if provided), personal essays, and insight provided by school and community officials.

Candidates are expected to complete a four-year secondary school curriculum. A school program giving good preparation for study at Bryn Mawr would be as follows: English grammar, composition, and literature through four years; at least three years of mathematics, with emphasis on basic algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric concepts and deductive reasoning; three years of one modern or ancient language, or a good foundation in two languages; work in history; and at least three courses in science, including 2 lab sciences (preferably biology, chemistry, or physics). Elective subjects might be offered in, for example, art, music, or computing to make up the total of 16 or more credits recommended for admission to the College.

Since school curricula vary widely, the College is fully aware that many applicants for admission will offer programs that differ from the one described above. The College will consider such applications, provided the students have maintained good records and continuity in the study of basic subjects.