2016-17 catalog


Admission Plans

Application to the first-year class may be made through one of three plans: Fall Early Decision (ED I), Winter Early Decision (ED II), or Regular Decision.

  • For all three plans, applicants follow the same procedures and are evaluated by the same criteria.
  • Both the Fall Early Decision (ED I) and Winter Early Decision (ED II) plans are binding and are most beneficial for the candidate who has thoroughly investigated Bryn Mawr and has found the College to be her clear first choice. The ED II plan differs only in recognizing that some candidates may arrive at a final choice of college later than others.
  • An early decision candidate may not apply early decision to any other institution, but may apply to another institution under a regular admission plan or a non-binding early action plan. If admitted to Bryn Mawr College under an early decision plan, the student is required to withdraw applications from all other colleges or universities.
  • An early decision candidate must sign the Common Application Early Decision Agreement indicating that she understands the commitment required. The signatures of a parent and a high school official are also required. The Early Decision Agreement may be found on the Common Application website.
  • Early decision candidates will receive one of three decisions: admit, defer to the regular applicant pool, or deny. If admitted to Bryn Mawr, the student is required to withdraw all other applications. If deferred to the regular pool, the student will be reconsidered along with the regular admission applicants and will receive notification in early April. If refused admission, the student may not apply again that year.
  • The Regular Decision Plan is designed for those candidates who wish to keep open different options for their undergraduate education throughout the admission process. Applications under this plan are accepted at any time before the January 15 deadline.

Application Deadlines

Fall Early Decision (ED I) the deadline for applications and all supporting materials: November 15.

Winter Early Decision (ED II) the deadline for applications and all supporting materials: January 1.

Regular Decision Plan the deadline for applications and all supporting materials: January 15.