2016-17 catalog

The Academic Program


Preparation for Careers in the Health Professions

The Bryn Mawr curriculum offers courses that meet the requirements for admission to professional schools in medicine, dentistry, and many other health professions. Each year a significant number of Bryn Mawr graduates enroll in these schools. Most Bryn Mawr students apply to medical school following graduation, which is reflective of national trends of students taking time for work or other experiences before enrolling in medical school. The minimal requirements for most medical and dental schools  include one year of English, one year of biology, one year of general chemistry, one year of organic chemistry, one year of physics, and one semester of biological chemistry; however, several medical  and dental schools require one additional semester of upper-level coursework in biology as well as math courses. Schools of veterinary medicine usually require upper-level coursework in biology as well as extensive experience working with a diversity of animal species. Students considering careers in one of the health professions are strongly encouraged to discuss their plans with the undergraduate health professions adviser in Canwyll House. 

International students should be aware that students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents comprise less than 1% of the medical school students in the United States. Many medical schools do not accept applications from international students, and schools that do accept international students often require them to document their ability to pay the entire cost of a four-year medical school education. International students are encouraged to contact the undergraduate health professions advisor to discuss the significant challenges faced by international students seeking admission to U. S. medical schools as well as to other health professional schools. 

The Health Professions Advising Office publishes the Guide for First- and Second-Year Students Interested in the Health Professions. This handbook is available at the meeting for first-year students during Customs Week and at the Health Professions Advising Office in Canwyll House. More information about preparing for careers in the health professions, including the Guide for First- and Second-Year Students, is also available at the Health Professions Advising Office website, www.brynmawr.edu/healthpro.