2016-17 catalog

The Academic Program


Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program

The Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program at Bryn Mawr College was established in 1972 and is designed for men and women who are highly motivated to pursue a career in medicine yet have not completed the science prerequisite coursework necessary for applying to medical school. It is an intensive 12-month, full-time program for up to 80 students per year. Students in the program range in age and reflect diverse backgrounds in terms of their education and experience. In addition to their coursework, postbac students engage in volunteer work in the community and participate with undergraduates in health-related Interest groups. Applications should be submitted as early as possible during our application season because decisions are made on a rolling basis and the postbac program is highly selective. Please visit www.brynmawr.edu/postbac for complete information about the program.

Students enrolled in the postbac program may elect to forgo the traditional application process to medical school in favor applying through linkage programs with several medical schools. Those accepted through linkage enter medical school in the August immediately after completing their postbaccalaureate year. Otherwise, students apply to medical school after completing their postbaccalaureate studies and matriculate one year later.