2016-17 catalog

The Academic Program



Each semester, all Bryn Mawr students preregister for the next semester’s courses in consultation with their deans or faculty advisers. Once a student has selected a major, the student must consult the major adviser; prior to that, the student consults the dean. Failure to preregister means a student is excluded from any necessary enrollment lotteries.

Students must then confirm their registration on the announced days at the beginning of each semester according to the procedures published on the Dean’s Office website..Failure to confirm registration results in a $25 fine.

Students normally carry a complete program of four courses (four units) each semester. Requests for exceptions must be presented to the student’s dean or, in the case of an accommodation for a disability, arranged through the Access Services Office. Students may not register for more than five courses (five units) per semester. Requests for more than five units are presented to the Special Cases Subcommittee of the Committee on Academic Standing for approval.