2016-17 catalog

The Academic Program


Physical Education Requirement

The Department of Athletics, Physical Education (P.E.), and Recreation (the Department) affirms the College’s long standing commitment towards excellence in all areas of growth and development. The Department’s current programming allows opportunities to promote self-awareness, confidence, skill development, and habits that contribute towards a healthy lifestyle. Specific curricula towards this mission, through Intercollegiate Athletics, Physical Education, Wellness, and Recreation, are designed to educate the current student and enhance the quality of campus life.

All students matriculating for the 2011 Fall semester or any semester thereafter will be required to earn or receive credit for a minimum of 6 units of Physical Education.

First Year Students

For students entering as first years, the 6 unit Physical Education requirement is broken into two sections, Core Requirements and General Electives (please note that students must fulfill the requirements in both sections and have a minimum of 6 PE credits on their Academic Requirements Log in Bionic):

Core Requirements:

1. Swim Proficiency Requirement (1 Credit)

a. Pass the swim


b. Take 1 Beginner Class (if test cannot be passed)

2. Wellness Class (2 Credits)

Students must complete the Wellness Class during their first semester of Freshmen year at Bryn Mawr College. If an exceptional situation prevents a student from completing Wellness in her freshmen year she must complete the course in its entirety during the sophomore year.

Core Requirements Credit Total: 3 Credits

General Electives–Students are required to accrue a minimum of 3 credits through General Elective opportunities. Students are encouraged to explore a wide variety of opportunities available to them in the completion of the General Elective requirement.

1. PE Classes (1-2 Credits)

Credits determined by the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation

2. Dance Classes (Credit Varies)

Dance classes may be used for academic or Physical Education credit but not both. Classes are awarded PE credit on a quarter or semester basis.

3. Bi-Co/Tri-Co PE Classes (Credit Varies)

4. Varsity Athletics and Club Sports (combined max 2 credits/year)

a. Varsity Athletics - Maximum of 2 Credits/Year

b. Club Sports - Maximum of 1 Credit/Year

A student may only earn 2 credits in a single academic year from the combined category of Varsity Athletics and Club Sports if she has competed in a Varsity Sport. Also, No student may earn more than 2 credits in single academic year from the combined category of Varsity Athletics and Club Sports, no matter how many different programs she participates.

5. Independent Study - must be preapproved (max 2 credits)

As an undergraduate a student may earn a maximum of 2 credits through the completion of Independent Study.

6. Special Offerings (Credit Varies)

Condensed department sponsored recreational classes that fall outside of traditional academic time blocks (i.e. Wilderness First Aid, Lifeguard Certification, RAD).

General Requirement Credit Total: 3 Credits


PE requirement for Transfer and McBride students will be generated by the Registrar’s office when student’s academic standing is evaluated. Students entering with first year academic standing will be recognized as first years for the purpose of determining PE requirements. Transfer students will be award PE place holders for semesters above first year that align with their academic standing, such that the graduation requirement will still be 6 credits (Note: In effect, all students will need to get to 6 credits and have either taken or been awarded credit for all core requirements. The only difference will be that transfer and McBride students will be awarded place markers to reflect the reduced number of semesters they are anticipated to be on campus.).

For example: A transfer or McBride student coming in as a first semester sophomore would be awarded a place holder for the First Year Wellness Course (2 credits) and be expected to earn credit for the swim requirement (1 credit) and 3 credits of General Elective PE. The student would earn a total of 4 credits (swim + General Electives), but Bionic will show a total of 6 credits (Swim + General Electives + Wellness Place holder) indicating that the student is complete.