2017-18 Catalog

Contact and Website Information

Mailing Address: Bryn Mawr College, 101 N. Merion Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-2899

Phone: (610) 526-5000

College website: www.brynmawr.edu

For information regarding academic programs and regulations, academic advising, study abroad, the curriculum and special academic programs, visit the Dean’s Office website at www.brynmawr.edu/deans.

For information regarding course schedules, registration, procedures, exams and student records, visit the Registrar’s Office website at www.brynmawr.edu/registrar.

For information regarding entrance exams, advance placement or admissions, visit the Admissions Office website at www.brynmawr.edu/admissions.

For information about applying for financial aid or continuing financial aid, visit the Student Financial Services website at www.brynmawr.edu/financial-aid.

For information about student billing, refunds and student loans, visit the Student Financial Services website at www.brynmawr.edu/financial-aid.

For information about the Health Center and health insurance, visit the Health Center’s website at www.brynmawr.edu/healthcenter.

For information about residential life, visit the Student Life Office website at www.brynmawr.edu/residentiallife.

For information about meal plans and dining halls, visit the Dining Services website at www.brynmawr.edu/dining.

For information about the libraries and their special collections, visit the Libraries website at www.brynmawr.edu/library.

For information about computers, labs, and technological resources, visit the Computing Services website at www.brynmawr.edu/computing.

For information about accommodations for students with disabilities, visit the Access Services website at www.brynmawr.edu/access_services.

For information about career development services, including pre-law advising and the Externship Program, visit the Career and Professional Development website at www.brynmawr.edu/lilac/career-planning.

For information about athletics, physical education, recreation and wellness, visit the Department of Athletics and Physical Education website at www.brynmawr.edu/athletics.

Web pages for individual academic departments and programs may be accessed from the following website: www.brynmawr.edu/academics/fields-study.