2017-18 Catalog

Academic Regulations

Cooperation with Neighboring Institutions

Students at Bryn Mawr may register for courses at Haverford, Swarthmore and the University of Pennsylvania during the academic year without payment of additional fees according to the procedures outlined below. This arrangement does not apply to summer programs. Credit toward the Bryn Mawr degree (including the residency requirement) is granted for such courses with the approval of the student’s dean, and grades are included in the calculation of the grade point average. Bryn Mawr also has a limited exchange program with Villanova University.

Virtually all undergraduate courses at Haverford College are fully open to Bryn Mawr students. Students register for Haverford courses in exactly the same manner as they do for Bryn Mawr courses, and throughout most of the semester will follow Bryn Mawr procedures. If extensions beyond the deadline for written work or beyond the exam period are necessary, the student must be in compliance with both Bryn Mawr and Haverford regulations.

Many Swarthmore courses are open to Bryn Mawr students in good academic standing, but on a space-available basis. To register for a Swarthmore course the student must obtain the instructor’s signature on a Swarthmore registration form.

The student submits a copy of the Swarthmore form to the Swarthmore registrar’s office in Parrish Hall and a copy of the form to the Bryn Mawr registrar’s office.

Bryn Mawr students in good academic standing may register for up to two courses per semester at the University of Pennsylvania on a space-available basis, provided that the course does not focus on material that is covered by courses at Bryn Mawr or Haverford. Scheduling problems are not considered an adequate reason for seeking admission to a course at Penn. These courses will normally be liberal arts courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. However, over one’s time at Bryn Mawr, a student may count towards the degree up to four courses taught outside the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. To ensure that students spend their first two years exploring the liberal arts curriculum, gaining breadth, and preparing for a major, students will enroll in no such courses during the first year of study and no more than one such course in the sophomore year. These courses must be taken during the fall or spring semesters; summer courses are excluded.

Complete information on the process of requesting and registering for a Penn course is available on the Bryn Mawr Registrar’s website. Bryn Mawr students must meet all Penn deadlines for dropping and adding courses and must make arrangements for variations in academic calendars. Note that Bryn Mawr students cannot shop Penn classes. Students should consult their deans or the Bryn Mawr registrar’s office if they have any questions about Penn courses or registration procedures.

Bryn Mawr juniors and seniors in good academic standing may take one course per semester in the College of Arts and Sciences at Villanova University on a space-available basis, provided that the course is not offered at Bryn Mawr or Haverford. If the course is fully enrolled, Bryn Mawr students can be admitted only with the permission of the Villanova instructor. This exchange is limited to superior students for work in their major or in an allied field. Students must have permission of both their major adviser and their dean.

Courses at Villanova may be taken only for full grade and credit; Bryn Mawr students may not elect Villanova’s pass/fail option for a Villanova course. Credits earned at Villanova are treated as transfer credits; students must earn grades of C or better to transfer Villanova courses, the grades are not included in the student’s grade point average, and these courses do not count toward the residency requirement.

In order to register for a course at Villanova, students should consult the Villanova Course Guide, and obtain a registration form to be signed by the major adviser and returned to the Dean’s Office. The Dean’s Office forwards all registration information to Villanova; students do not register at Villanova.

Students enrolled in a course at Villanova are subject to Villanova’s regulations and must meet all Villanova deadlines regarding dropping/adding, withdrawal and completion of work. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for variations in academic calendars. Students should consult their deans if they have any questions about Villanova courses or registration procedures.

Bryn Mawr students enrolled in courses at Swarthmore, the University of Pennsylvania, or Villanova are subject to the regulations of these institutions. Students are responsible for informing themselves and remaining in compliance with these regulations as well as with Bryn Mawr regulations.