2017-18 Catalog

Academic Regulations

Departure from the College Prior to Graduation

Some students may find it necessary or desirable for educational or health reasons to take a leave of absence from the College. In some instances, a student may be required to take a leave of absence or withdraw from the College. Prior to leaving the College, the student meets with the student’s dean to discuss the situation, make a plan for the future, and learn about the re-enrollment process. The dean will file a Notice of Departure with the Registrar within five business days of notification of a leave.

Personal Leaves of Absence

A student in good academic standing may apply for a one- or two-semester leave of absence from the College. The student should discuss plans with the student’s dean and authorize a Notice of Departure

  • by June 1 for a leave beginning in the fall semester or
  • by November 1 for a leave beginning in the spring semester.

A student on a semester-long leave of absence who chooses not to return at the scheduled time may ask to extend the leave by one additional semester by notifying the dean by the above deadlines. If a student on a leave of absence chooses not to return to the College after two semesters, the student’s status changes to “Withdrawn” (see Voluntary Withdrawal below).

Medical and Mental Health Leaves of Absence

At any time, students with medical and/or psychological conditions may apply for a one- or two-semester leave of absence from their dean and, if approved, withdraw from the College in good standing. To be eligible for a medical leave of absence, students must authorize an appropriate medical or counseling professional to provide verification of the health condition prompting the leave, a recommendation that the student should take a leave, and recommendations for treatment for the duration of the leave. This verification must be provided both to the dean and to the College’s Medical Director and/or Director of Counseling Services.

After the student’s departure, the dean will follow up with a letter outlining the terms of the leave. Parents or guardians of the student will receive a copy, as the leave reflects a change in the student’s status at the College. The student is encouraged to share the Health Center’s recommendations for treatment with parents.

To return from a medical or mental health leave of absence, see below “Returning to the College.”

Voluntary Withdrawals

A student in good standing who leaves the College in the following circumstances will be categorized as “Withdrawn” rather than on leave and will have to apply for permission to return (see below “Returning to the College”):

  • the student leaves the College in mid-semester (for medical or mental health circumstances, see above)
  • the student matriculates as a degree candidate at another school
  • the student’s leave of absence has expired
  • the student loses good standing after having applied for a leave of absence

Mandatory Withdrawals

A student may be required to withdraw from the College for failing to meet the academic standards of the College, for committing an infraction of the Honor Code or other community norm, or because the student is not in good enough health to meet academic requirements. In every case, the student’s dean endeavors to include the student in the determination of a plan to withdraw from the College, with the understanding that a student may disagree with this decision.

In addition, a student whose behavior disrupts either the normal conduct of academic affairs or the conduct of life in the residence halls or elsewhere on campus, may be required to withdraw by the Dean of the Undergraduate College. If the student wishes to appeal the decision, the student may ask for a Dean’s Panel to be convened.

While Withdrawn or on Leave

Students who are on a leave of absence are advised not to visit Haverford or Bryn Mawr without prior permission from the student’s dean. Failure to abide by this advice may compromise a student’s eligibility to return to the College.

Returning to the College

Students who withdraw for any reason or are placed on a leave of absence must apply for permission to return. The first step to returning to the college is for the student to contact the student’s dean to discuss their readiness to return and the application process. The application and instructions are available on the Deans Office website.

If the student is applying to return after an absence due to a medical or mental health leave, the College will require evidence of the student’s readiness to resume studies. Evidence may take several forms including: completing coursework elsewhere and/or engagement in a full-time activity such as employment or community service (in which case a letter from the student’s supervisor may be requested). The student should ask the medical or counseling professional with whom the student has been working during their leave to be in contact with either the medical director or director of counseling services at the Health Center. The student may also be asked to outline a plan for self-care on return.

Students must submit their application and all supporting documents to their dean no later than May 1 (for return in the fall) or November 1 (for return in the spring).