Ana Cordova


Bryn Mawr "challenges you to think differently - in classes, but also in conversations with other students, you're constantly asked to look at a different perspective, and through understanding or asking questions you can develop your own perspective, and somehow you graduate a completely different person - you're just transformed."

Aba Daniels


"I've worked in research in an academic setting, I get to use my French because I'm doing a Praxis course with French students, I get to work with the community and I get to work with young adults and international students like myself." Aba marvels at the motivation level of Bryn Mawr students: "It's ever-so academic. I get the feeling that the girls never sleep. I get my best responses at midnight. . . They're always studying."

Jessica Lee


"The Praxis III Program is an excellent opportunity for students to chart their own course and to engage with communities in the Greater Philadelphia area," Jessica says. "It enables students to gain entirely new skill sets and to explore their talents and interests."

Ashley Hahn


“I’m kind of obsessed with helping people — it’s what I want to do for my career and it’s what I’ve been focused on in my community service and academically,” she said.