Civic Matters

A Catalyst for Community Dialogue

Issue 1, October 2007


Bryn Mawr College’s civic engagement does not live in the Civic Engagement Office on Cambrian Row. Yet, because we all have a tendency to compartmentalize, when the College was recently named by the Washington Monthly as number one in the country in terms of its contribution to public service, many people commended the work of the Civic Engagement Office. These comments were complimentary but were also an indication that the vibrant civic engagement activities existing elsewhere throughout our community are somewhat hidden from view. In reality, civic engagement can be seen throughout the College in the interactions of staff, faculty and students, in the efforts toward social change which are evidenced on this campus, in the civic activities and efforts of staff, faculty and students in their neighborhood communities, and in the research that contributes to the betterment of our local and global communities.   

Civic Matters uses a wide-angle lens to view civic engagement at the College and creates a public space for members of our campus community to tell the stories of their civic involvement and reflect on the learning, challenges and ideas that emerge from it.  It is our hope that this publication sparks conversation and becomes a catalyst for a more dynamic integration of civic engagement within the life of this academic institution.

Nell Anderson

Director of Praxis and Community Partnerships
Civic Engagement Office

Editorial Team:

Nell Anderson
Vanessa Christman
Amanda Root ’08
Julie Zaebst ’03

Funding for this issue has been provided through a grant from the Surdna Foundation.