Civic Matters #2

A Catalyst for Community Dialogue

Issue 2, April 2008


The Civic Matters editorial team is pleased to present to the Bryn Mawr College community its second issue. Conceptions of civic engagement vary widely, and this publication aims to illuminate some of the diverse civic projects and issues with which our community members are involved. Contributors to this issue include undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, and their concerns range from the local to the international.

Judith Porter reflects on shareholder activism in her efforts to change the practices of a stock fund whose investment strategies have implications for Darfur. Environmental activist Emily McGlynn writes about promoting the use of clean energy by Philadelphia’s fleet of refuse trucks. Mike Fratangelo and Greg Rosnick describe their efforts to awaken suburban and urban kids to the possibilities of social change by bringing them together over basketball. In companion pieces, Lisa Peterman and Amanda Root consider the generative possibilities for shared learning among students and staff and their implications for the College’s educational mission. For students Shayna Israel and Sarah Alibabaie, civic engagement as enacted in an education internship and in a campus-wide consciousness-raising event, respectively, shape their reflections on personal growth through community involvement. And, finally, transforming a math classroom into a space for investigating everyday social problems is the subject of Victor Donnay’s essay. Taken together, these essays reveal a community’s passion for social change and the many ways that our contributors bring this passion to bear on projects that aim to strengthen campus, society and citizenship.

Editorial Team:

Vanessa Christman
Gail Hemmeter
Amanda Root ’08
Julie Zaebst ’03

Funding for this issue has been provided through a grant from the Surdna Foundation.