Key Partnerships

Overbrook Elementary School


Overbrook Elementary School is a small, child-centered and family oriented K-5 public school, located in the Overbrook Park section of Philadelphia. It first opened its doors in 1907 and has a current enrollment of 400 students. Overbrook Elementary School's vision is to create a high-achieving school that makes considerable gains in student achievement each year. Its mission is to provide students with a solid elementary education as the basis for future learning and for model citizenship in the twenty-first century.


The Civic Engagement Office has been involved with Overbrook Elementary since 2001.

  • Each semester, 10-15 Praxis and Education Program students are engaged in fieldwork at Overbrook, acting as classroom assistants for 2-6 hours per week.
  • Over the past few years several BMC and Haverford students have done their student teaching at the school.
  • The Civic Engagement Office and the Athletics Department have collaborated to host field trips for groups of 25-30 children from Overbrook Elementary on campus, including a whole day of sports activities like swimming, soccer and basketball.  
  • Since 2010, the Bryn Mawr Art Club volunteers have taught Art to an entire grade of Overbrook children.