Van Drivers

The Civic Engagement Office periodically hires students to drive the Bryn Mawr College vans to and from events and activities.  We encourage student volunteers to become van certified, but on the occasion that none of the group members are certified, and no volunteers are available, there is funding available to hire another student to drive.  

Driving opportunities are limited; the need arises approximately 1-2 times per semester.  If a driver is needed, an email will go out to the list of certified drivers with all the pertinent information.  Drivers are selected on a first come basis based on their response to the email requesting their services.  Examples include driving students to the polls on Election Day or to a Service Site on MLK Day.

We encourage students who are driving to volunteer programs to participate in activities whenever possible.

Students interested in driving for a CEO event or program should contact Kelly Sheard, ksheard@brynmawr.edu, to add their name to the list of drivers.