"Emerging on this campus is an opportunity to reconsider how we interact and view all members of the campus community."

"I hope that people on campus will first be seen as multidimensional humans rather than outsiders, strangers, experts and novices—as bodies filling institutionally constructed roles. By creating and engaging in spaces where multiple campus actors share a common purpose and may act together on equal terms, such as the KHHC panel and within teaching and learning partnerships, I believe the SSEP can foster an ethic of mutual respect and promote shared participation in the educational mission of the College." - From Civic Matters Issue #2, Reflections on Partnership, Mutual Respect, and Community.

Amanda Root '08
Housatonic, MA

Major: Political Science

Note: Since the spring of 2006, Amanda worked alongside Alice Lesnick as a student coordinator for the Staff/Student Education Program component of the Teaching and Learning Initiative. In this role she assisted with program developement, research, participant recruitment and instruction and developed three independent studies associated with the program.

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Amanda Root '08
photo by Nell Anderson