"The most valuable thing I learned during my work with Energy Vision was ... that I am able to accomplish things that initially seem utterly impossible."

"There were many times during the course of this project that I thought I had hit a dead end... The energy sustainability and economic issues facing our country and local governments are very difficult to maneuver, always involving complex political relationships and the bottom line as the ultimate deciding factor. It is definitely a bucket of cold water in the face to come out of the "Bryn Mawr Bubble" as an enthusiastic idealist just to have busy, hardened city officials brusquely reject your ideas. Nevertheless, I benefited greatly from Joanna's expertise and strategic thinking in this area in which she has worked for over a decade. I have truly grown stronger and more confident by working through these problems, learning to stay positive at all times and to keep my main goal driving me forward." - From Civic Matters Issue #2, Sustainability in the Transportation Sector—An Activist's Journey

Emily McGlynn '09

Major: Biology

Note: Emily McGlynn '09 is a biology major who is involved with a variety of environmental groups and initiatives, including increasing renewable en-ergy use on campus, reducing waste and expanding the recycling program.

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Emily McGlynn '09