"I saw all the grunt work that goes into getting a class as well-prepared and accustomed to [dance] patterns during the first semester."

"I think I’m the most proud of the fact that I have been able to survive the rollercoaster of a semester it has been for me. I went in with huge expectations, they seemed to be crushed, and now I feel as if I have learned incredibly valuable lessons and truly enjoyed the experience.

"Community is something that is not clearly created, yet often has “set” boundaries. What I mean is that for me, I consider myself a part of the Bryn Mawr community and a part of the Independent Charter School community, both of these have “set” boundaries of little to no interaction; however, I have crossed over and in other ways too, these two separate communities are a part of one larger community. I think ‘community’ has many layers, and it is important to recognize when you are acting as a part of which layer."

Jessica Friedlander '09

Major: History

Note: Jessica's internship was a part of her Praxis III Independent Study course, a unique Bryn Mawr College service-learning program that places fieldwork at the center of a supervised learning experience.

Independence Charter School (ICS) is a community-oriented public K-8 charter school currently located in the heart of Philadelphia’s historic district. ICS’s primary mission is to provide an intellectually stimulating curriculum with an international focus. Our world culture curriculum emphasizes the arts, languages, ideas, and histories of numerous world cultures and supports second language acquisition. All students at ICS study Spanish, ranging from 30 minutes daily to receiving almost 75% of their instruction in Spanish. By the time they graduate, all ICS graduates are bilingual and biliterate.

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Jessica Friedlander '09