"My Summer of Service experience not only permitted me the amazing tools to understand myself better, but to also understand how volunteering is so crucial to society as a whole."

"I entered this summer with the broad intention of making a contribution to a non-profit organization. I was not on the surface aiming to find personal growth, yet that is exactly what the summer offered me. I had the opportunity to analyze the impact I have on the world around me, and the impact I want to have on the world in the future through my career.

"Non-profit organizations, like Women In Transition, are given the burden of trying to help so many people with so few resources, largely depending on grants for funding. The most challenging aspect of my internship was learning how the majority of non-profits have to fight for survival every year; organizations that were created to impact communities are getting little to no government support. This sad fact reassured me that volunteers make such a huge contribution to non-profits, by simply donating their time."

Liana Donahue '12
New Orleans, LA

Majors: Philosophy

Note: Liana's internship was a result of her participation in the Bryn Mawr College Summer of Service 2009 program, a funded opportunity for students to live, serve and learn together in the Bryn Mawr community.

Women In Transition (WIT) provides empowerment counseling, referrals and advocacy to women in Philadelphia who are endangered by domestic violence and/or substance abuse. WIT programs help women make positive changes in their lives, actualize their potential and build lives for themselves and their children that are free of violence and free from addictions to drugs and alcohol. WIT also provides trainings, workshops and systems advocacy in the community in an effort to build a society that will no longer tolerate violence against women and children.

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Liana Donahue '12