"As a result of working at ACLAMO, I have had such a wide range of cultural experiences."

"The most interesting thing about my experience ...at ACLAMO has been ... complete exposure to ... a different culture. Being able to not only improve my language skills, but also become involved in a community has been extremely interesting and informative. As a result of working at ACLAMO, I have had ... a wide range of cultural experiences ... from learning how to prepare a proper tamale to ... hear[ing] first-hand about the issues most important to the Hispanic community in Norristown.

"One of the most challenging aspects of my experience ... has been determining my role at the agency as an intern. ... (T)he Civic Engagement Office served as an incredibly valuable resource that provided the assistance I needed to work with my agency."

Laura Gousha '09
Baltimore, MD

Major: History

Note: Laura's internship was a result of her participation in the Bryn Mawr College Summer of Service 2008 program, a funded opportunity for students to live, serve and learn together in the Bryn Mawr community.

Acción Comunal Latinoamericana de Montgomery County (ACLAMO) is the only full service bilingual (Spanish/English) community human service agency in Montgomery County. Located in Norristown, ACLAMO provides quality and comprehensive programs to children, youth and families in their time of need. This includes kindergarten preparation education, family counseling, food baskets, help with rent and electric bills, Christmas toys, after school tutoring, basic computer classes, ESL, domestic violence counseling, prenatal care counseling, senior arts and crafts programs, rental and housing counseling and community workshops and education. Since 1976, ACLAMO has been caring and advocating for low-income families and seniors who face everyday challenges and obstacles in accessing needed services and programs.

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Laura Gousha '09