"My Summer of Service experience at ACLAMO taught me about trust."

"Working with families at ACLAMO made me realize that in order to successfully volunteer and work, you must gain trust from the people you are helping and maintain a certain intimacy and familiarity in your relationship. Not only do mothers have to trust you as an outsider to the community, the children, fearful of the non-Spanish-speaking world and strangers, must warm up to you and allow themselves to open up to you.

"My Summer of Service experience meshed perfectly with my academic experience at Bryn Mawr. Summer of Service incorporated my main focuses at Bryn Mawr: learning Spanish and studying Sociology. This summer has solidified my desire to major in Sociology while taking many Spanish classes. It has inspired me to want to volunteer and work in Latin and Central America teaching youth and children.

"I did not realize that I could combine multiple passions—the Spanish language, child education and sociology—into one unique experience. It surprised me that one summer could be so rewarding and holistic."e;

Mia Chin '12
Forest Hills, NY

Majors: Growth and Structure of Cities, Sociology

Note: Mia's internship was a result of her participation in the Bryn Mawr College Summer of Service 2009 program, a funded opportunity for students to live, serve and learn together in the Bryn Mawr community.

Acción Comunal Latinoamericana de Montgomery County (ACLAMO) is the only full-service bilingual (Spanish/English) community human service agency in Montgomery County. Located in Norristown, ACLAMO provides quality and comprehensive programs to children, youth and families in their time of need. This includes kindergarten preparation education, family counseling, food baskets, help with rent and electric bills, Christmas toys, after-school tutoring, basic computer classes, ESL, domestic violence counseling, prenatal care counseling, senior arts and crafts programs, rental and housing counseling and community workshops and education. Since 1976, ACLAMO has been caring and advocating for low-income families and seniors who face everyday challenges and obstacles in accessing needed services and programs.

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Mia Chin '12