"We wondered, '...What types of students are willing to be agents of social action?' ...Then we had an epiphany."

"With these questions, and several meetings with ... various members of the Bi-College community, DiverseCity was created. ... DiverseCity is more than a typical summer basketball camp. Along with athletic instruction, the program provides an educational experience by conducting group discussion sessions and classroom activities that delve into issues of race, socioeconomic class, gender and other aspects of diversity. The goal of the program is to facilitate meaningful and enriching dialogue so that every camper has an opportunity to understand himself and the other campers better. Athletics, then, is utilized as the main thread through which campers learn about these essential societal issues." - From Civic Matters Issue #2, From Theory to Practice: Creating Diversity Awareness Through Athletics.

Mike Fratangelo HC '07
Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Race and Cultural Studies

Note: Mike Fratangelo earned his B.A. in race and cultural studies from Haverford College in 2007. Presently, Mike is pursuing a master's degree in social service from Bryn Mawr's Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.

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Mike Fratangelo HC '07