"I think this semester provided me with a unique opportunity to find my voice as a teacher and leader."

"I love Praxis. It's so refreshing to get off campus and do something outside of academia. . . I value the theory and methods I have learned in my academic experiences at Bryn Mawr but feel like through my Praxis, I have gained knowledge and understandings that extend far beyond any text or framework.

"I think in a really good way, my praxis course has complicated my understanding of community, research and service. I've been able to engage in rich discussions with my student-teacher team about how we position ourselves as representatives of the college and go into a new community. In particular we discussed ways our 'research' and observations impact our work with students and thought hard about how our final presentation could showcase the work of all the parties involved this semester."

Maggie Larson ‘10

Major: Cities

Note: Maggie's internship was a part of her Praxis III Independent Study course, a unique Bryn Mawr College service-learning program that places fieldwork at the center of a supervised learning experience.

Dimner Beeber Middle School is a neighborhood feeder school to Overbrook High School in West Philadelphia. The school population is 97.5% African American with 70.7% of the students receiving free or reduced lunch. There are approximately 700 6th, 7th and 8th graders enrolled at Beeber. Beeber’s staff aims to equip its students with the skills necessary to show mastery in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies through Standards-Based instruction involving Constructivist teaching and learning.

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Maggie Larson ‘10