"I think the most important skill I learned however was how to network with people and make important professional connections."

"My Praxis III helped me to bring to life some of the theories and ideas that I learned about congress and politics in the classroom. The idea of campaigning and the way congress works was foreign to me until I actually worked in that world.

"The most interesting part for me was the opportunity to try my hand at a bunch of different aspects of campaigning. I worked on everything from fundraising to press to field operations. I am most proud of my ability to transition smoothly from working in one area of the campaign to another."

Molly Parzen ‘10

Major: Political Science

Note: Molly's internship was a part of her Praxis III Independent Study course, a unique Bryn Mawr College service-learning program that places fieldwork at the center of a supervised learning experience.

Sestak for Congress was the headquarters for Congressman Joe Sestak’s 2008 campaign. It housed Congressman Sestak’s campaign staff and volunteers, collaborating with other district offices.

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Molly Parzen ‘10