"International Justice Week dominated my thoughts and actions for months, and even after it was over I found it hard to stop relating things to the issues it explored."

"It made me cry, laugh, think, and, when I slept, it took over my dreams. Why did I devote so much of my time, energy and self to co-coordinating IJW last year? ... It was exciting to be part of its creation, to discover and test the limits of student organizing on campus, both in terms of what students could pull together and in terms of what the campus was willing to take, over what turned out to be a period of nine days. IJW events focused on the issues of Darfur, education, environment, North Korea, Palestine, poverty and sex trafficking. I think the overarching importance of IJW, for me personally and for the campus as a whole, was learning about boundaries—and breaking some boundaries—as well as creating new linkages and spaces for knowledge." - From Civic Matters Issue #2, International Justice Week: "Stunt" or Beginning of a Change?

Sarah Alibabaie '09
Troutdale, OR

Major: Anthropology

Note: Sarah Alibabaie '09 is working towards an A.B. in anthropology at Bryn Mawr. She and Jenny Kim '09, who is pursuing an A.B. in sociology, co-coordinated the spring activities of the first annual International Justice Week in 2007.

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Sarah Alibabaie '09