"My Praxis III experience has made the rest of my Bryn Mawr learning experiences more complete."

"[My Praxis III course] was a chance for me to really bring together everything I’ve learned, and put it to use. It reminded me why I came to Bryn Mawr to begin with.

"I grew in a lot of ways during this course, but I think most of all I came to trust myself a bit more. I learned that my opinions matter, and can be really useful to an organization that I don’t necessarily know that much about. I realized that you can find community in really unexpected places. A community is not just made up of people who are similar in a certain way. You can form a community with people who you are very different from, based on a common respect for each other."

Susanna Bergin '09

Major: Sociology

Note: Susanna's internship was a part of her Praxis III Independent Study course, a unique Bryn Mawr College service-learning program that places fieldwork at the center of a supervised learning experience.

The centerpiece of the UCCP's youth leadership development activities, Temple Youth VOICES seeks to build the individual and collective power of youth through collaborative research, education, and relationship building with community partners, non-profit organizations and government agencies. Integrating youth media, youth leadership development and youth organizing activities in community and university-based settings, VOICES helps develop the academic, technical and interpersonal skills of participants, connect them to their communities, and provide them with the knowledge and education necessary to make positive choices in their lives and meaningful change in their communities.

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Susanna Bergin '09