Programs We Sponsor

America Reads/America Counts

The America Counts and America Reads Tutoring Program is a federally funded work-study program developed as a partnership between the Bryn Mawr College Civic Engagement and the local community through the Spring Avenue Generational Educational Services (SAGES), Zion Baptist Church in Ardmore and Overbrook High School. The Civic Engagement Office sponsors two tutoring programs:  ACT—Ardmore Community Tutoring and OHS—Overbrook High School Tutoring.

WHAT: The program helps elementary school, middle school, and high school students improve their reading and math skills. Rather than simply providing homework help, the program empowers children and actively engages them in their own education.

Ardmore Community Tutoring: ACT

WHERE: Tutors assigned to ACT will work one-on-one with 1 or 2 tutees who live in the Ardmore community area and attend elementary or middle schools in the Lower Merion and Haverford Township School Districts.

WHEN: 4-6 hours per week

HOW: There are many different ways in which a tutoring session may be spent; the individual activities each session are planned by the tutor in advance. 

CONTACT: Barbara Cerinza at

Overbrook High School Tutoring

WHERE: Overbrook tutors work in high school classrooms to reinforce the classroom curriculum of their tutees while working to improve the individual skills of the students.

WHEN: 4-6 hours per week

HOW: Tutors may work one-on-one with several students or work with a small group of students for specific help with skills outside of the curriculum. Overbrook Tutors work with the teacher in the classroom as well as with the OHS Math Department advisors.

CONTACT: Mara Dominguez at