Praxis is an experiential, community-based learning program that integrates theory and practice through student engagement in active, relevant fieldwork. 

The Praxis Program staff assist faculty in identifying, establishing and supporting field placements in a wide variety of organizations, including public health centers, community art programs, museums, community-development and social service agencies, schools, and local government offices.

FAQs about Praxis

    • There are three levels of Praxis courses. Each requires increasing amounts of fieldwork, but they do not need to be taken successively. 
    • Praxis I and II courses are offered within a variety of academic departments and are developed by faculty. 
    • Praxis III courses are Independent Study courses and are developed by individual students in collaboration with faculty and field supervisors.  
    • Students may enroll in more than one Praxis course at a time and are sometimes able to use the same field placement to meet the requirements of both courses. Praxis-style courses taken at other institutions are subject to prior approval by the Praxis Office and the Dean’s Office.
    • A typical Praxis course carries one unit of Bryn Mawr credit (the equivalent of four credit hours at other institutions).