Steering Committee

The Praxis Program is fortunate to have a committed and action-oriented group of faculty, staff and students on its Steering Committee.   Now in its 9thth year, the Steering Committee advises the ongoing development of the PraxisProgram and advocates for community-based learning within the College.  It is a group where faculty, students and staff work collaboratively and where leadership is shared.  The Steering Committee meets two-three times a semester and also hosts the Praxis Faculty End-of-Semester Lunch Meetings and the Praxis III Poster Presentations. 


Nell Anderson, Co-Director of the Civic Engagement Office and the Director of Praxis and Community Partnership Programs

Liza Bernard, Director of the Career Development Office

Mady Cantor, Senior Lecturer and Associate Director of the Dance Program

Jody Cohen, Term Professor in the Bryn Mawr and Haverford College Education Program,

Kim Cassidy, Provost of College and Professor of Psychology

Victor Donnay, Professor of Mathematics, Co-principal Investigator of the MSMPG Math and Science Partnership of Greater Philadelphia

Ellie Esmond, Co-Director of the Civic Engagement Office and Director of Service and Activism Programs

Tim Harte, Chair and Associate Professor of Russian, Curriculum Committee Representative to Praxis

Michelle Mancini, Assistant Dean

Jim Martin, Professor of Social Work

Stephanie Nixon, Director of Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion

Katie McCormick, Student Representatinve, class of '13

Samuyktha Natajaran, Student Representative, class or '15

Ellen Stroud, Assistant Professor of Urban Environmental Policy and Problems in the Growth and Structure of Cities Program

Dan Torday, Director and Visiting Assistant Professor of the Creative Writing Program

Nate Wright, Assistant Professor of Sociology