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Summer of Service 2013
Summer of Service participants, 2013

Bryn Mawr College Summer of Service

WHAT: Hosted by Civic Engagement, the BMC Summer of Service is a funded opportunity for students to live, serve and learn together in the Bryn Mawr community.

WHERE/WHEN: Ten students live together on campus, spend 32 hours each week volunteering for a service or activism organization in the Bryn Mawr/Philadelphia region and spend an additional three to five hours each week in service learning activities including ongoing training, visits to local organizations and reflection activities. Students receive room and board, transportation costs to their service sites, and a stipend for the ten week program.

HOW: The ongoing commitment of Summer of Service participants is to promote civic engagement and activism at Bryn Mawr. Students are expected not only to serve as leaders on campus, but as active participants in the Bryn Mawr service and activism community.

Applicants must be undergraduate Bryn Mawr students completing their freshman, sophomore, or junior year. Students must focus on a specific type of service or activism and must have identified an area of focus at the time of application.

Students may choose to work with any organization approved by Civic Engagement, and are encouraged to pursue their individual interests. For some examples of what students have done in the past, go here.

CONTACT: Ellie Esmond,