Resources for Students

Mini Grants

The CEO offers students with energy and a plan the opportunity to apply for mini-grants to fund their developing projects. Money from a CEO mini-grant may be used to fund a one-time service event or provide seed money for an ongoing new initiative. Students may apply for a mini-grant anytime during the year by submitting a proposal to the Civic Engagement Office. A panel of student leaders approves applications and money is awarded on a first come, first served basis.

The funds for mini grants may be used in a variety of ways. Students have requested funding for transportation to an event, money to purchase supplies needed for a special service project, or to pay for guest speakers who will address the campus. The Civic Engagement Office has funded many individual students and student groups using mini grants, many of whom have used the money in the mini grant as a jumping off point from which to start either a self sustaining student group or to develop an annual event that becomes a Bryn Mawr tradition.

Below are some examples of past projects students have developed that were supported by mini grants:

Think Global, Act Local

Alexi Ernstoff

Alexi requested funding from the CEO to support a fundraising event for a new student organization.  Think Global, Act Local is a student-run group on campus with the goal of raising funds and awareness for local organizations that represent global issues.  The money provided by the CEO paid for supplies and transportation expenses accrued in organizing a clothing sale in partnership with Green Street Consignment Shop.

Common Ground Collective Trip to New Orleans

Georgia Lawrence

Georgia applied to the CEO requesting money to off-set the cost for four Bryn Mawr students to travel to New Orleans over winter break to work with Common Ground Collective—an agency organizing rebuilding efforts in areas of New Orleans destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

BMC Anti-Stress Campaign

Chelsea Phillips & Laura Silvius

Chelsea and Laura planned a week of anti-stress activities during finals week, offering an outlet where students could receive massages, work on art projects, bake cookies, and take their mind off their finals (temporarily, at least). The money they received from the CEO helped pay for the necessary supplies to make their event a success.