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This is just an introductory or startup screen. Students should never see it.


The options on the top left take you to the student preference screens. There is one option for each college.

The options just below them are the coordinator signin and this help text.

Since you are now reading this text there isn't much point in clicking on the Help link -- you are already here!

The coordinator option asks for your email and password. The emails I know about are already in.

Once you are in as a coordinator you will be on the coordinator menu. This gives you all the course, student, and scheduling options for your college.

It also lets you add/edit/delete entries for the programs, colleges, coordinators, and globals for all the colleges. (We're all part of one circle of trust here.)

Brief summary of the options:


The colleges option give you control on how the preferences are presented. You can say that you want emails and phone numbers harvested. Or not. You can say that you want students marked as introductory. Or not. And, if you set up your college to allow students to be marked as introductory or not, then you may select students for scheduling as introductory or advanced or all.

In a spirit of collegiality, as it were, the BMC and HC options have been setup in accordance with their current practice, as I understand that. I've put in the options so that it will be easy to change, if change is desired.

Programs & Courses

Each course is a member of a program (for Bryn Mawr there is only the one CSEM program). Whether there are three or one or two choices from a program is set from the program option. This also lets you define a program as introductory or advanced. This has implications: it lets you schedule for all courses, only introductory courses, or only advanced courses.


Coordinators are the people who maintain the system: put in the courses, review the student information, and run the scheduling. You know who you are.

The coordinator's option will let you add/edit/delete these records.

Global options

There is a "globals" option as well. This lets me configure the system slightly differently for different hosts, so I can develop on my box, but deploy on yours without changing the code. You should feel free to look but don't change anything here without checking first. You have my email:

Dire Peril

There are no guardrails on the records there. If you delete a college, you delete everything that looks up to it: coordinators, programs, courses, and students.

Since you shouldn't need to add or delete or really change that much in the colleges and programs area, there should not be much risk...

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