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001 Perceiving the World
002 Critical Thinking and Social Justice
003 Discipline and Disputation
029 Performance and Self (MW 1:00-2:30)
004 Performance and Self (T/Th 11:15-12:45)
005 Meditations on Mortality
006 Representing War
007 Across Genders, Across Cultures: Transgenderism Around the World
008 Borders
009 Travel Tales and Understanding
010 Race and New Media
011 Classical Myth and the Contemporary Imagination
012 Breaking: Creative Disruption in Experience, Knowledge, and Writing
013 Culture Shock
014 The Politics of Development in East Asia
015 Anxious Masculinity
016 Bookmarks: Technologies of Writing and Reading, from Plato to the Digital Age
017 Arguing with Songs
018 Political Philosophy: Articulating the Modern West
019 Stranger Than Fiction: From Realism to the Fantastic
020 Drugs, Brain, and Culture: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
021 Poverty, Affluence and American Culture (TTh 12:45-2:15)
022 Poverty, Affluence and American Culture (TTh 2:15-3:45)
023 The Journey: Act and Metaphor (TTh 11:15-12:45)
024 The Journey: Act and Metaphor (TTh 2:15-3:45)
025,026 Exploring Times Pendulum
027,028 Play in the City

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